About Paper Wings

We are well versed with the cutting edge manufacturing and designing techniques used in the industry. You'll get quality products at an effective price.

The company not only focuses on its growth, but also the growth of society with it. The company strives to deliver quality products at a very cost effective price. The company has a dedicated department for Research & Development of its various products. The company wants to become a leading manufacturer in the paper hygiene industry with the help of top notch manufacturing technology and innovative new ways. The most important thing the company works for is to achieve all this while pushing towards being more ecofriendly.

The company aims at a shining future in the paper hygiene industry and also to expand the range of products it offers. We here at PaperWings work day and night to find new ways to promote paper hygiene to the various parts of the community. In doing so not only do we hope to promote self- hygiene, but also help the community go towards it and keep practicing it through the use of our cost effective and ecofriendly products.


  • To become a leading manufacturer in the paper hygiene industry with the help of top notch manufacturing technology and innovative new ways to provide our products at a considerably affordable price for all the customers; and achieve all this while pushing towards being more ecofriendly.
  • With continuous investment in existing and new markets, strengthen the position as the market leader in the region and become a significant player on the global market in our business segment.
  • Creates and distribute products which result in the trust and loyalty of customer and consumers
  • Utilize all available resources for continuous business progress mostly technologies.
  • Give all of our employees the opportunity to develop their abilities and skills and continuously direct them towards improving business process


  • We at Paper Wings believe in the idea of change. We believe that we can help change the picture of domestic hygiene in India and push our country to a cleaner and greener future. We aim to make an effective impact in all sanitary related issues.
  • To attain customer loyalty by providing the highest standards of quality products suitable for various business segments and for all age India and the global.
  • Offering added value with high quality products with mutual satisfaction and ensuring long term satisfaction of our clients through the quality of our products.
  • By 2022 to be the largest paper manufacturing products in Indian and global markets.
  • Conscious and responsible solving of all tasks recognizing priorities and encouraging useful changes.
  • Upgrading and improving production process through the implementation of new technologies with the goal of environmental protection.
  • Achieving desired business results with increasing the value of invested capital.


  • To be the largest paper products manufacturer and supplier in the Indian and global market by 2022
  • Ensure zero efficient discharge and contributes to improving quality of life.
  • Achieve high production efficiency
  • Through investment in our own potentials additionally strengthen the company and position ourselves as a synonym for quality trust and strength on the paper production market.
  • Further develop partnership with our customer by providing ultimate satisfaction through responses their demands.
  • Efficient and environmentally acceptable use of material resources development of quality and environmentally management system and continuous monitoring of our supplier.

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Quality Policy

To provide customer delight both internal and external through our products and services at lowest cost by continuous improvement in process, productivity, and quality and management system.

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